is simply brilliant content delivery network is effectively established to assist its elite clients not lose their prospective audiences not only due to slow downloads but also extensive buffering. They proudly offer a one month trial which is totally free to their elite clients to experience their outstanding features. They have effectual solutions for the major factors namely software, video, podcasts and audio and eventually performance of website. Their efficient content delivery which is also quite scalable can optimally handle variable kinds of traffic surges thus ensuring that no matter how big is demand the content will be delivered with highest ease. in addition offers the security of their ProtectServe platform which will make sure that their elite clients can have a complete control on their effectual podcasts. They will grandly support the all the variable media types and integrate it with all solutions for feed management. They offer an incredible advantage over podcasts which includes a scalability that is unlimited and a cost model which is predictable. They also offer an instant setup and can unbelievably deliver the content worldwide in less than 10 minutes. Their performance is lightning fast and they prevail a 100% SLA availability. They work transparently with measurement tools of their potential audiences covering Feedburner and PodTrac. is quite efficient and can handle delivery of video for few of the biggest names in industry like Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Adam Carolla and even Jason Calacanis. They deliver topmost podcasts impressively in iTunes. Their 10x performance is truly surpassing their competitors in hosting solution performances. possess a global delivery network that can put the files at the internet’s major peering points where they will directly send it over to the end user that is an eyeball network directly thus avoiding latency and offering performance that is optimally unique.

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